GraphQL Tutorial Series Announcement

GraphQL is a very interesting new technology for API development pioneered at Facebook that has received a lot of interest and adoption in recent times.

Over the past few months, I have been working as a maintainer to the open source GraphQL tutorial website howtographql. In addition, I have been working on a brand new backend tutorial series for the website.

This is a beginner friendly 10-part series that will teach you how to build a backend server with GraphQL and TypeScript. In this tutorial, you will learn what GraphQL actually is and a lot of other things like: Authentication, Filtering, Pagination and Deployment. You will also get up to speed on the best tooling for backend development in the JavaScript/TypeScript ecosystem and learn how to write idiomatic, type-safe and clean code.

This tutorial is very beginner friendly and assumes very little background knowledge, except basic knowledge of javascript (or typescript) and backend development.

If you have been wondering what GraphQL is all about, how to achieve type-safety with Typescript or just want to learn something new over the holidays, this series would be perfect for you!

Link to the series: