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Machine Learning Projects

Coder Portfolio
Sensor Fusion for 3D Object Detection

Role: Research
Technology: Deep Learning, Tensorflow, CNN, PointNet
Description: We’re trying to improve existing technologies for 3D object detection using sensor fusion by combining 3D Lidar and 2D image data for better inference. Work is still in progress. Team of three members.

Web Projects

Coder Portfolio
Corona In Bangladesh

Role: Backend, Deployment and Server Maintaince.
Technology: NodeJs, Express, MongoDB, Google Cloud
Description: Corona in Bangladesh is a web platform created to serve as a information hub about the Covid-19 epidemic in Bangladesh. It was recognized by the government as a valid corona related news outlet and has received over 50,000 visits.

  • Live news updates and statisics
  • Quarantine Map of Bangladesh
  • Interactive quizzes to raise awareness about Covid-19
  • Database of volunteer organizations working in Bangladesh
Coder Portfolio
Academic Certificates on Blockchain

Role: Front End, Backend, Smart Contract, Integration
Technology: Hyperledger Fabric, NodeJs, Express, MongoDB, Verifiable Credentials
Description: An academic certificate verification platform using blockchain technology used to issue, manage and verify academic certificates in a secure and distributed manner.

  • Create and Issue Academic Certificates.
  • Selectively disclose data of certificates using Verifiable Credentials Technology.
  • Securely verify certificate authenticity.
Coder Portfolio
Facebook Page Management Service

Role: Backend & Facebook Platform Integration.
Technology: NodeJs, Express, MongoDB, Facebook Developer Platform
Description: A web CMS for managing multiple Facebook Pages and their Messenger Inboxes. Built using Facebook graph API and developer tools.

  • Management console for multiple Facebook pages.
  • Facebook Page analytics and insights.
  • Customizable Chatbots.
  • Role and Access management tools.
Coder Portfolio
Messenger Subscription News Bot

Role: Everything
Technology: NodeJs, Express, Facebook Messenger Platform.
Description: A chatbot built on Facebook Messenger Platform. Broadcasts news regularly to subscribed users.

  • Rule based conversational chatbot
  • News Subscription Service
  • CMS Panel & API for managing bot
Coder Portfolio
Personal Website & Blog

Role: Everything
Technology: Hugo, Github Pages, JAMstack
Description: This website is built using the static site generator Hugo and hosted with Github Pages. The theme is a modified version of Hugo Coder.

  • Blog, Portfolio & Resume
  • CI/CD using git & Github Pages

Academic Projects

Coder Portfolio
C Compiler

Role: Everything
Technology: Flex, Bison, C++
Description: Compiler for a subset of the C Prgramming language. Generates x86 Assembly.

  • Compile time error detection (syntax and semantic errors)
  • Comes with GDB Debugger
  • Performs some peephole optimization
Coder Portfolio
Retro Shooting Game - Microcontroller

Role: Game Logic, Hardware interfacing code
Technology: Atmega32, C++, Gyroscope, LED Panel
Description: A retro handheld vertical shooting game. This project was made for Microcontroller Sessional course along with two other team members.

  • Gamepad with a gyroscope to control the spaceship
  • Health, killstreaks and scoring system
  • Annoying (?) buzzer noise
Coder Portfolio
Cricket Database

Role: Schema Design, Database Queries, Web Scrapping
Technology: PostgreSQL, Beautifulsoup (Python)
Description: Cricket Database website made using Django. Scraps data from the web and populates a relational postgreSQL database. This project was made for Database Sessional course along with one other team member.

  • Comprehensive Database Schema design
  • PostgreSQL triggers and procedures to automate tasks
Coder Portfolio
File Transfer Server

Role: Everything
Technology: Java, JavaFX
Description: A multithreaded file transfer server. This project was made for Object Oriented Programming Language Sessional. The accompanying File Transfer Client was made by my project partner.

  • Support for 8 command - get, pwd, cd, delete etc
  • Graphical User Interface and CLI support
  • Multi-threaded architecture

Android Projects

Coder Portfolio
Middle Ground

Role: Everything
Technology: Android Studio, Java, Google Play Console
Description: A application to demonstrate the harmony in ideology between the four major religions of Bangladesh. Made for Positive Bangladesh

  • A small comparative analysis between the four major religions of Bangladesh
Coder Portfolio
Meme Maker

Role: Everything (after the fork)
Technology: Android Studio, Java
Description: Meme editing app forked from Memetastic. Made improvements to the caption creator, template library and image saving system. Had big plans that never sort of finalized :(

  • Meme editor with dynamic texts and adjustable borders
  • Meme Template Library organized by category
  • Improved Image Saving and sharing capabilities