Reliable Information Sources on Coronavirus

There is a torrent of misinformation on the internet about the disease itself, the extent of the infection and government actions taken. As a community if we are not responsible in the information we share, we risk doing more harm than good. In order to get accurate information, we need to use reliable sources and fact-check all information.

With that in mind, this is a curated list of information sources to get one up to date on the COVID-19 situation, both locally and globally.

Bangladesh Sources

  • Institute of Epidemiology Disease Control And Research (IEDCR) The IEDCR are responsible for control and testing of Coronavirus cases in Banglaesh. They are the primary source of information on the Coronavirus situation in Bangladesh.

  • Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS)

    • Facebook Page: They frequently post updates about the situation. Worth a follow.
    • Website: Currently, not much information is available here on Coronavirus.
    • National Preparedness Guideline on COVID-19: A very extensive guideline on measures, plans and provisions for the COVID-19 situation in Bangladesh. I would recommend reading this to know more about Bangladesh’s response plan in this crisis.
      Source of this report is Mr. Marufur Rahman Opu, Deputy Program Manager, DGHS who made it available on Facebook

International Sources

  • World Health Organization (WHO)

  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) The CDC is the primary government organization handling the coronavirus crisis in the USA. A lot of information and advice here is generally applicable for people of all nations.

  • Coronatracker: Verified news sources, International Travel Guideliens/Alerts, Analytics and General Information. This is a community-based project powered by over 460 volunteers from across the globe.

  • Flattenthecurve: Practical advice, do’s and dont’s. Maintained by an Assistant Professor of Public Health from Oregon State University.

Statistics, Dashboards and Visualizations

My objective with this post is to curate a reliable list of infomration sources. Please note, the websites/sources chosen were solely at my personal discretion. I do not represent any mentioned organization.