Undergraduate student with backend Web & Android Development experience. Interested in Machine Learning & Software Engineering.

Dhaka, Bangladesh +8801708656538
  • Languages: Python, Javascript, Java, C++
  • Frameworks: Pytorch, Keras, NodeJS (Express)
  • Tools: Git, Docker, Bash, Unit Testing (Mocha, Pytest)
  • Platforms: Azure, Facebook Developer Platform, Heroku, Google Cloud Platform

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
B.Sc in Computer Science & Engineering
April, 2017 - Present

  • CGPA: 3.89
  • Ranked 5th in Department.
  • Recieved 8 Scholarships of Merit from University.
  • Deans List (Every Semester).
  • Executive Committee Member of IEEE Computer Society - Buet Student Branch.
Work Experience

Blockchain Developer (Internship)
Technohaven - Software and IT services
June, 2020 - August,2020

  • Training and Internship program coordinated by Emali Limited and Hong-Kong Blockchain Society as a part of Bangladesh Government’s Fast Track Future Leader program.
  • Received hands on training on distributed ledger technologies like Hyperledger Fabric and R3 Corda.
  • Developed an academic certificate verification platform using Hyperledger Fabric and Nodejs. Link

Software Developer (Freelance)
Symbl - Software & Web Technology Company
Nov, 2018 - Jan, 2020

  • Developed back-end applications for Business Pages on Facebook. Services include - Customizable Chatbots, Subscription News Service, Analytics and Page Management tools.
  • Facebook application helped improve client’s social media presence by maximizing user engagement and providing better analytics and data.
  • Developed Android application for client. App used to promote communal harmony by demonstrating that all four major religions in Bangladesh preach the same message of peace and tolerance.
Research & Projects

Neural Network to Detect 3D Objects [ Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Pytorch ]

  • Research project exploring sensor fusion to analyze 2-D image data alongside 3-D LIDAR data to give accurate object predictions.
  • Explored state of the art research on 3D Object Detection and implemented existing models and architecture.

Corona In Bangladesh [ Nodejs, Express, MongoDB, Google Cloud Platform ]

  • Web platform created to serve as a information hub about the Covid-19 epidemic in Bangladesh.
  • Recognized by Bangladesh Government as a reliable Covid-19 related news outlet, received coverage in national news and has over 50,000 visits.

For my full project portfolio, visit the Projects Section.

Awards & Achievements
  • Winner - National Hackathon On Frontier Technologies 2020
    Proposed an AI-based system for solving the problem of viral fake news and misinformation in Bangladesh. Designed a prototype framework help monitor, identify and combat fake news.
  • Winner – Idea Competition, BUET CSE FEST 2019
    Designed a solution to reduce organic waste in dense urban areas by vermi-composting. Proposed novel waste collection mechanism and demonstrated profitability and return on investment within 4 years.
  • Award of Merit - International Blockchain Olympiad 2020
    Designed a comprehensive academic document verification platform based on Hyperledger Fabric.
  • Runners Up - AI Competition, BUET CSE Fest 2018
    The challenge was to create a AI to play the video game Bomberman. Written in Python.
  • Second Runners Up – Hackathon on Cloud Computing, BUET CSE Fest 2019
    Developed a chatbot that can search for songs and make recommendations based on your current mood. Made using ReactJS, Firebase and Amazon Rekognition.
  • Dean’s List Scholarship (2018 to 2020)
    Award for academic excellence. Received this award consecutively for every academic year in undergraduate studies.
Professional Development
  • Startup Training Program and Incubation - Maker’s Lab (Tech Mahindra)
    Two month long training program on building and managing a startup, managing finances, growth and international expansion etc. Technical training imparted on technologies including Machine Learning, Blockchain and Mobile Application Development.
  • STAQ Quantum Ideas Summer School 2020 - Duke University
    5 Day summer school program on Quantum Computing funded by the US National Science Foundation. Learnt about Quantum Architectures, Quantum Algorithms, Superconductors and Error Correction.
  • Deep Learning Specialization - Coursera
    5-course series on Deep Neural Networks, Computer Vision & RNNs. Instructed by Professor Andrew NG, Stanford University. Certificate
  • Youth Leadership Bootcamp - Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center
    Residential workshop designed to teach students and young professionals about leadership & professional skills.
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