First Contact

print("Hello Internet")

Welcome to my humble corner of the internet. This blog is about me and my passions. I’l talk about technology, software development, machine learning, academia and other topics I find interesting.

So, it only makes sense to start by saying how this site came to life. I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now. When I was a child I was a prolific poster in a lot of online communities, forums and review sites. So the impulse to share my thoughts and ideas online, on my own platform always seemed appealing.

Additionally, I feel that writing a blog will help me organize and better articulate my thoughts. It will also force my hand to write better code (poorly indented and non documented code is much harder to justify when other people are looking at it as well). I was finally inspired to haul ass and get things moving after reading this wonderful book by Austin Kleon called Show Your Work. It encourages creators to use online platforms to share what they do and reach out to the community.

This website is powered by Hugo. Hugo is a static site generator written in Golang. Hugo uses markdown for typesetting, which is an absolute joy to use. I went with a static website because: it’s fast, secure and very cheap (I’m currently hosting this site for free).

The steps I had to take to make this website:

  • Choose a theme: I wanted a minimal theme with beautiful typography, so I chose Coder.
  • Buy a domain: I got the domain using Namecheap. (Github will provide you a free subdomain if you don’t want to buy one)
  • Get Hosting: Finally to host it everything I use Github Pages. They also provded SSL.
  • (Optional) Get SSL Not having SSL can lead to multitudes of security vulnerabilities. Also google will probably mark your website as unsafe without SSL. Fortunately, Github Pages provides free SSL for static websites (like this one).

If you’d like a detailed toutorial on how to create a similar website, check out this article. Additionally look into the docs for more info on Hugo.